Our Services


How We Help Our Clients

We help individuals, institutions, endowments, pensions, and businesses build, manage, protect, and transition wealth. Our clients have a unique set of needs and goals. Our goal is to help our client with each phase of the wealth management process.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

  1. Investments – As an independent money management group, we are not tied to the proprietary products of a firm. Rather, our goal is to provide an efficient and cost effective investment portfolio to meet our clients' goals.
  2. Access to Lending and Banking Services – Through our Wells Fargo affiliates, you have access to banking services, including securities-based line of credit, residential mortgages, home equity financing, small-bussiness financing, and credit cards.
  3. Risk Management – We believe that wealth is created through concentration and preserved through diversification. Using various risk management tools we help businesses and individuals protect their wealth.
  4. Trust and Estate – Proper trust and estate planning is the cornerstone of developing a lasting legacy and transitioning wealth. Working with partners inside and outside of Wells Fargo Advisors, we help our clients' transition wealth to their next generation.

Four Step Planning Process

  1. Listen and Understand - The first step in developing a plan is to listen and understand your needs and goals. At this time we will gather all of the necessary information and come to an understanding as to how a client would like to proceed with the planning process.
  2. Analyze & Develop a Plan – With four CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNINGTM Practitioners on staff we are equipped to tackle a wide array of wealth management challenges. Using our own customized investment planning process, we will look at a client's situation and develop a comprehensive investment plan.
  3. Implement – Using an independent, objective, unbiased and cost effective approach, we will implement your plan using the best resources available.
  4. Monitor, Evaluate & Adjust – Our plan and relationship does not stop with implementation, but rather we strive to monitor, evaluate, and adjust your plan as changes in your life and the marketplace arise.